Soul Mate? Or The Most Difficult Relationship In Your Life?

A lot of women fall in love with men instantly and hopelessly. They begin to build relationships, live together, even create a family. But over time it becomes clear that whatever efforts she makes, feelings evaporate, and her life, in particular, turns into hell next to a once-beloved person.

Women, like men, often believe that the “soul mate” is the ideal partner for a romantic and lasting relationship. Everyone tries to find it, but not everyone succeeds. But even if you realized, if you admire the compatibility of your characters, harmonious behavior, and feelings, do not relax. Remember that not every person who fits your idea of ‘soul mate,’ has the proper emotional health.

Just imagine that you met your soul mate. Earlier you have never experienced anything like this from emotional, intellectual and sexual intimacy. It seems to you that he is ideally suited for the role of a lover, best friend, husband, and father. As if you knew him for a thousand years or in a past life, and now fate has given you such an ideal partner. You are convinced that it complements you. You are happy both spiritually and physically. And now wake up.

All This Is Too Good To Be True.

And now let’s move on to the feelings of your partner. He probably tells you that he has never met such an ideal woman.

That you are the most beautiful woman on the planet, and that he will love you until his last breath. But after only six months, and maybe a year, it starts to change dramatically.

Now he is not a gallant gentleman, but a rude, deceitful, raging man who is very different from a once loving partner.

It seems to you that this is a dream. You suddenly notice that he is interested in other women on the Internet. You no longer spend romantic evenings, but continuously listen to criticism in your address, as if he is trying to ridicule you before friends. Or maybe he stopped experiencing you physically. This transformation happened so quickly and unexpectedly as if you fell asleep with one person,

Finding your Perfect Match

How would I know if he is ‘The One’? A question most women ask whenever they find their own partners. How do I know if he really is the one for me? His family and I get along so well, I enjoy his company and I would want to spend the entirety of my life with him. If you’re one of the women who have these lines in your head, the quest for love is a long and winding road.

A lot of people feel that love is what makes the world go round. And with the never-ending surge of romantic comedies to watch, there’s little room left for doubt. Finding the right one is a huge mission for someone to take. A lot of options are available for many millennials and oldies alike. Options ranging from speed dating to online dating sites, and dating apps! So many ways to find the perfect match just inside your pocket. Nowadays, dating sites are very trendy. Dating sites offer the thrill of knowing someone near you without even attempting to look for people randomly. You can look for people based on their preferences, matching theirs with yours and going dates.


Finding that one person you’d want to spend your entire life with is a daunting thing to think about. But, firstly, how would you know if you’ve already found your ‘THE ONE’?

  • Interests
    • Having the same interests as your lover is a definite plus in any relationship. You won’t have to constantly think of topics for conversations. Having similar interests can be the catalyst to that spark you want to keep igniting in a happy, fruitful love.
  • Goals and Standards
    • What goals do you have for yourself? Your lover? Your family? Aligning your set goals and plans with what your partner has is a good way to ensure that the relationship lasts long. If you and your other half both have your eyes set towards the same horizon, is the definite proof of how focused and committed you both are.
  • Personality
    • Of course, having similar interests and/or having the same set of goals is all for naught if you and your partner’s personalities do not go well in harmony. Being in harmony does not necessarily mean that both of you have opposite personalities or the converse. It simply means that having numbers 1 and 2 in check is nothing if you and your lover do not get along well.

While finding that fateful person involves a lot of time, money, effort, and a good amount of fate, nothing will happen if you don’t put yourself out there too. Dating applications and dating sites can only do so much for a person. Putting in the effort and emotion is also very much necessary and an absolute must. In this golden age of the internet sites like LoveMates and many online quizzes offer a simple quiz you can take to find out what match perfectly suits you. Are you ready to put yourself out there?


The Dangers of Dating Sites

21st century. The age of modern technology and advancements in every field imaginable. From science, space exploration, professional studies – and even dating. Dating sites began in the mid-1990’s. The very first site made was and has since helped people find the loves of their lives.

3 Reasons Why You Need Early Health Consultation And Diagnosis

3 Reasons Why You Need Early Health Consultation And Diagnosis

The emphasis on the importance of health maintenance in an as much ideal condition as possible, is quite intense and remarkable with the presence of multiple manifestations in magazines, newspapers, specialised clubs and centres, books, television shows and so on. All these media contribute to spreading more and more awareness amongst the public and work consistently to clear questions and facts in regard to a number of principles such as what actually constructs a healthy lifestyle, what the methods and choices sought towards maintenance are, what the importance of consulting specialists is, and the list goes on.

In this humble article we will give some focus on the importance of applying the principle of approaching specialists and physicians early enough by highlighting main three reasons for doing so. It is noteworthy to state that you should not approach a specialist only when it is about clearing your doubts towards some disease or defect. It is preferred also to be done routinely from time to time without the urge to find out what might be wrong.

  • A very valuable prophylactic aid: It is said that prophylaxis (a synonym of prevention and protection) remains much better than treatment. Seeking preventive measures from a certain conflicts implies that you are still at the safe side and more or less away from having different sorts of treatment mandatory for you to undertake as an essence in your life. A regular consultation can help you recognise the overall condition of your body with all its organs and systems, and you would be recommended to adopt some preventive measures in accordance with what the results of your health condition would reveal. Even the healthiest subjects are in need for prophylaxis so as to keep the risk of contracting health conflicts minimised.
  • If anything detected, it can be managed more effectively: Vast majority of diseases can be managed efficiently and powerfully, and sometimes can be fully eliminated in case of being detected at their earliest stages at which the patient can still be considered at the safe side yet under threats. The detection of a disease at an early stage can be deliberately as well as accidentally in case the patient has nothing to complain about yet is attending for a routine check-up.
    Most diseases when detected early enough can be managed without the need to seek drugs or surgical procedures. In many cases the patient would be requested to apply preventive measurements and to terminate some unhealthy activities that elevate the risk of complicating the suspected disease. This does not rule out the fact that drugs are sometimes prescribed in case there is no alternative to seek, but the results are anyhow expected to be favourable as long as the patient is managing their condition as demanded.
  • An aid for a consistently healthy and regulated lifestyle: Whether you are appealing for an early diagnosis or for a simple routine check-up, you are in both cases contributing to preserve the healthy path your life is going on. The more you appeal, the more you become aware and knowledgeable about what your body needs and what you have to keep distance from. As time goes by, you would find yourself at an advanced level of welfare with a considerably large distance between you and all what is considered harmful, dangerous and damaging to you.

What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle?

What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle, and how can you achieve one? Everyone’s looking for the perfect balance in life, but not everyone knows what that entails. For some people, it could mean finally weighing what they’ve always dreamed. For others, it might mean being able to run a 5K. Either way, living a healthy lifestyle is fulfilling, and will keep you alive for longer.

While we all still have our own definition of what health and wellness means, there are some small changes you can make to your daily life, no matter what your goal. uncovers the secrets behind living a healthy lifestyle.

Pick the right foods

Nutrition is more than just eating healthy. Getting the right nutrients will help you feel your best. Rather than filling your body up with sugar, carbs and unhealthy chemicals, you should stick with whole foods that are dense with nutrients.

When you eat good, you feel good. The right kinds of foods can help your body run great, and keep it in great shape. Plus, when you give your body what it needs, you will be prepping your body for battle against sicknesses, you’ll sleep great and find you have a clearer, more focused mind.

Stay in shape

When it comes to keeping a healthy body, exercise is a critical component. Exercising on a regular basis will help you stay in good physical shape and can also keep your body weight in check.

Keeping active comes with its fair share of benefits, too. When you stay active, you’re enabling your body to build and keep healthy bone density, as well as muscle strength and joint mobility. This will promote overall physical and physiological well-being, and your immune system will thank you for that.

Whether you can devote 20 minutes or 5 minutes, any bit of exercise can help. Do what you can and you’ll see a huge increase in your overall health.

Shut it off!

We know you probably don’t want to hear it, but we’re going to say it anyway: Shut your phone off!

While technology gives us the convenience of everything at our fingertips, it certainly comes at a cost. For one day, keep track of how many times you check your phone. It’s probably a lot more than you think it is!

As human beings, we need human to human contact. You can’t get the same love and appreciation through a text message that you can having a face-to-face conversation with someone.

Take time during the day to turn your phone off, or at least put it on Do Not Disturb. Or you and your spouse can have tech-free happy hours, where you both turn your phones off and spend time with each other instead of on your phone. You’ll be surprised how great you feel connecting with others.

Get some sleep

The only time our bodies get to fully rest is when we’re asleep. This gives our bodies and our minds plenty of time to recharge its batteries and get ready for another full day. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to weight gain, a weak immune system and distraction. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night and you’ll be ready to face the day head-on.…

How Could This Happen? How Can A Person Who Has Promised To Be A Loyal, Loving Partner, Break His Word And Mistreat You?

Now listen carefully! When you build a man in the status of a “roommate,” this does not mean that he will be forever loving, supporting you and your once-sincere relationship. He can be generous and understanding, indeed. He can be a fantastic lover. And once he even said that if he loves you, he will never find someone like you. And it is all the above words and actions that make you not believe in what is happening now. You cannot keep up with the fact that a man you love began to criticize, accuse and manipulate you.

“Soulmates” often converge, because they have a lot in common in the emotional plan. (But it’s not always good!)

Not all “soul mates” are single. Dysfunctional education and the negative past of a person turn them into inadequate adults. Therefore, one cannot judge a person solely by his actions. You can never be 100% sure of what’s going on in his head. Moreover, people traumatized in this way often pretend to be good, to deliberately draw in the relationship of a person who can later be harmed both physically and emotionally. Women often come across this daughter. There is another subconscious way of thinking. A woman with a bad past and a difficult childhood can look for a man who will look like her father, who, in turn, insulted her, drank a lot and behaved inadequately in general. The narcissist will instinctively seek out a naive, weak woman who will tolerate him in any manifestation. It is necessary to take into account the fact that “soul mates” can get along well with each other not because they like the same ice cream or film. The chemistry between them arises because they want their shortcomings. This is a fantastic combination of human characters, which have a devastating effect on each other. A woman who witnessed her father insulting her mother and hurting her can understand that similar behavior on the part of her partner is wrong. But it is subconsciously acceptable because she already faced this in her childhood. Which exert a destructive effect on each other? A woman who witnessed her father insulting her mother and hurting her can understand that similar behavior on the part of her partner is wrong. But it is subconsciously acceptable because she already faced this in her childhood. Which exert a destructive effect on each other. A woman who witnessed her father insulting her mother and hurting her can understand that similar behavior on the part of her partner is wrong. But it is subconsciously acceptable because she already faced this in her childhood. In other words, a woman cannot escape from a man who regularly criticizes her, clings to every word, and generally has an unstable psyche.

Relationship with A “Soul Mate”

The problem of love for incorrigible, abusive cohabitation is a tough moment. Most women find it very difficult to break with their partner because they once saw him as a “soul mate.” Yes, once these relations were passionate. And some wrong little things could not destroy your feelings. This is the moment when you become blind to your man. He begins to lie to you, and he verbally or physically harms you. You know that he slowly destroys you, and sooner or later you will leave him. But the tearful requests of your soul, again and again, return you to it. You cannot forever leave the person who holds your heart in your hands. Which once was your “soul mate.”

If you have met your real “soul mate” (a person who adds meaning to your life), then you will not have those negative factors listed above. A loving person will not manipulate you, will not keep you on a short leash, refuse lies and intrigues on the side. Regardless of how strong your partner feels, this “soulmate” will never allow yourself to be emotionally or physically harmed. Never for anything! The very existence of violence between two close people can no longer be interpreted as something healthy. Honesty, dedication and unconditional love – all this forms the basis of a healthy relationship.

If you are in a relationship with a “soul mate” who has ceased to be tender and loving with you in time, then you should think about the following:

Your relationship will never improve until you clear your mind of emotional attachment. In any case, it will lead you to destructive relationships. This is the law of attraction: two “defective” people meet together to form a broken relationship.

If you leave it, never look back, because the “soulmate,” whatever it is, is like a massively addictive drug. The only way to permanently destroy this influence is to interrupt all contacts, block his phone and email, and never again communicate with him. If he is a pathological liar, forget that you will someday get his truth from him.